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I am a patent illustrator who has been involved with Attorney Malcolm Chisholm's work for 5 + years. In order to fully put my comments concerning Malcolm in perspective let me give you my credentials. I have reviewed and illustrated 5,000+ patents at a rate of 300-400/year. I read each application for conformity to the drawings. Thus I have a vast knowledge of application preparation.

Malcolm's formal applications are among the most carefully and meticulously prepared of any I have ever encountered. His attention to detail and explanation of each claim is unparalleled. There is no guesswork left after reading a Malcolm Chisholm application. They can be said to read like an instruction manual for the function of the device he is describing. His finished application is an iron clad legal document and would be a litigators dream to defend. I see far too many brief and hastily prepared applications that are of dubious legal value. Malcolm will never be in that category and is absolutely the polar opposite. He cuts no corners.

I would highly recommend Malcolm to anyone needing the protection of the highest quality level IP protection available.

Mark Rader
President Inc.
3 March 2014


I am a mechanical engineer whose first career was as a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for 32 years. I have had experience within RPI and outside of RPI in developing patent applications and due to contracts out of my hands, had to deal with several other patent attorneys. I was able to be an inventor on several patents within RPI. But no one compared to Malcolm Chisholm in their ability to understand the technology, ask the right questions, and be an active player in the development of patent teaching language or the cleverness of crafting patent claims. I have been awarded a patent recently with Malcolm that was granted on the first office action.

Now I have several additional patents filed with the help of Malcolm's expertise and the process was creative, informative and fruitful. It is a real pleasure to work with Malcolm when he gets his arms around your concept and helps you explain it to the world. I highly recommend working with Malcolm whenever possible.

Dr. Stephen Derby
Pack Flow Concepts LLC
Troy, NY
April 2012



Against the odds, Malcolm succeeded in securing patent protection for my software idea. [U.S. PATENT NO. 7,945,458 "Care Funding and Care Planning System" May 17, 2011]

Making the complicated look simple, Malcolm was competent, honest and reasonable throughout the process. Basically, Malcolm knows what he's doing---a rare commodity these days!

Joseph A. Jackson, President
ElderCare Advisors, Inc.
Lenox, MA
April 2012



I am a chemical engineer with 40 years experience and 50 patents to my credit. For the past five years I have worked as a patent engineer. I assisted a client, in the direct energy conversion field prosecute patent applications by serving as a liaison between the clients inventors and the patent attorneys who were preparing the patent application. I worked with attorney Malcolm J. Chisholm as well as several other small and large law firms.

I have found Malcolm to be very professional in all respects. He is capable of quickly understanding complicated ideas and transferring those ideas into well-written patent applications. His patent applications are very thorough and comprehensive and his claims are well structured and very complete. This has proven useful in negotiating through office actions with the United States Patent Office. Over 95% of the patent applications that Malcolm has filed for my client have resulted in issued patents. Malcolm interacts well with the client and keeps deadlines that he has previously agreed to meet.

I strongly recommend Malcolm Chisholm as a patent attorney. He is an excellent patent attorney who is easy to work with. I have found that the single practitioner law firms are much more responsive to the clients needs and much more dependable than the larger patent law firms.

Richard D. Breault
Richard D. Breault, Inc
153 Pleasant St.
North Kingstown, RI 02852



We've enjoyed several years working with Malcolm as our source for patent related issues including the filing of patents and the process it takes. Prior to meeting and working with Malcolm we used other patent work sources. Working with Malcolm, without question, has been the best experience to date and I can't imagine ever using another source. Not only does Malcolm Chisholm have an unusual amount of knowledge in patent work, he gives his whole being to the process of patent searches and patent applications. In just a short period of time he will develop a complete understanding of the potential invention and in all cases, suggest feature or functions that will help in attaining a patent. He's not an expeditor, he's a contributor.

My only fear in giving Mr. Chisholm such a high recommendation is that other companies will find him and it will be more difficult for us to have access to his talents and dedication to the cause.

I highly recommend Mr. Chisholm as a source for Patent related work.

Don Rochelo
President of PC Card Packaging
and Almega Tooling
Pittsfield, MA



We are very pleased to provide a very hearty recommendation on behalf of Attorney Chisholm. He has provided us with excellent service resulting in the granting of a patent in an area not without controversy. He is precise in his review of relevant issues, helpful in formulating the core of the patent so that a cost-efficient presentation is prepared for review by the Patent Office and sensitive in assessing likely areas of challenge. Altogether, we have been very much impressed by Attorney Chisholm's professionalism and capacity to resolve issues. We recommend him most highly.

Haim Gunner, President
Amherst, MA



Dear Sir/Madam,

Malcolm did a great job of explaining the different kinds of intellectual property coverage’s. Then he shared with me what he thought was the best route for my invention. I was impressed by his knowledge and willingness to teach me what I needed to know. He is very honorable and suggested a tiered solution for me that maximized my coverage, while not being the most expensive process among the possibilities that existed.

Malcolm was an invaluable help in securing my rights to my invention through a patent filing. Even though the kind of invention I developed was new to Malcolm, he quickly processed the nuances of the invention and was able to transfer that knowledge into the legalese of the filing itself. By doing so, Malcolm increased the amount of coverage I now have through my patent filing. Malcolm is gracious, intelligent and easy to work with. He is an excellent listener who responds to the information you present to him with all of the right questions.

One of the special things about the Berkshires is the amount of highly trained & skilled specialists that choose to work here. In my opinion, Malcolm would be a very successful partner in a big city patent law firm, but he chooses to apply his craft here, and I feel very fortunate that is the case.

If you would like to ask me any specific questions regarding Malcolm, then please feel free to contact me at

Kind regards,
Gene S. Fein



Dear Malcolm Chisholm:

I would like to take this opportunity of personally thanking you for your commitment and dedication to helping PC Card Packaging, Inc with it's legal requirements of Patent Protection, Trademark / Registration, research and overall counseling in this area. All of your work, without exception has been accomplished on a timely basis with a very well thought approach and complete with great detail and accuracy.

Your close hands on involvement from our original design concepts to market ready products has gone a long way in helping us with the success we hope and continually plan for.

We take great comfort in knowing we can count on your services locally which means a great deal in effectively communicating our needs with a complete understanding of our objectives. This really is so much better than long distance business. Other Berkshire County firms and individuals could easily benefit with the same experience we've had with your professional services and guidance.

I would be delighted to recommend your law firm to others in Berkshire County and look forward to our continued first class relationship.

Best Regards,

Tim Wilsey
VP & General Manager
PC Card Packaging, Inc.